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Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks is a murder mystery dinner theatre. The show explores the possibilities of the paranormal when an Eastern European Psychic and his traveling companion arrive in America in 1895 to host a seance. These two seers and a cast of eight other characters face a night of thrilling adventure when a murder spree breaks out during dinner. Was it the quick witted widow in search of her husband's fortune or maybe the bitter doctor here to discredit these charlatans? Either way it's sure to be a dark and dangerous night of nail biting scrutiny and questioning to find the killer.

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Late Nite Bites

Late Night Bites is a dark comedy dinner theatre. The show follows the mysterious late night happenings at a 24 hour roadside diner in 1987. The Limelight All Night has always been an unassuming little diner until suddenly undergoing new management. The diner’s new owner, the lovely and domineering Svetlana, has managed to keep a tight ship even though she only works nights. After taking on a new night waitress things begin to change. A hopeless waitress, her cynical roommate, the great granddaughter of Van Helsing, and several diner regulars face the terrifying possibility of vampires in their small town. Can you and the cast survive this hilarious thriller filled with edge-of-your-seat action, romance, and late night bites? 

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