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Who Are

The Back Stairwell Players

The Back Stairwell Players are a small group of writers, actors, directors, and producers who strive to leave their mark on the world of theatrical performance through their original scripts and productions.

Logan Waddell Author with The Back Stairwell Players

Logan Waddell

Logan is one of the owners and Co-Writers for The Back Stairwell Players. Logan has been an actor on the stage and screen for most of his life and has been telling stories since he was a wee lad. Logan has always been drawn to the darker sides of life and enjoys exploring the macabre and unknown. As a paranormal investigator, he finds inspiration in his experiences that have led to the stories he has helped to create. He is also proud cat dad and plays piano in his free time. Logan would like it very much if you performed our shows. But like, only if you do a good job with it, he asks politely, yet firmly, that you refrain from sucking at this.

Thank You.

Destiny Moreau

Destiny is one of the owners of and co-writers for The Back Stairwell Players. She has spent most of her life working on theatrical productions in every role from actor to director. In her free time Destiny is also the Chief Financial Officer and an investigator for Great State Paranormal. She has had the pleasure of investigating many interesting places from The Farm on Roundtop Road to the haunted hotels of the Ozarks. Destiny has a passion for bringing stories to life using her own experiences. Destiny's love of folklore and horror spill over into her writing alongside her eccentric adoration of all things eldritch and eerie.

She hopes you enjoy our works!

Thank you.

Destiny Moreau Author with The Back Stairwell Players
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